Zoe Powell

Coach - MARCHON™ Stratford

Zoe may be a relative newcomer to the coaching scene, but her impressive background in both personal training and worldly experiences have provided her with a unique foundation that makes her feel right at home in her role.

Having a remarkable history of competing at various running distances, including on the Ultra stage, Zoe's athletic achievements are nothing short of inspiring.

She's not only conquered the running realm but has also secured victories at events like Turf Games and Hyrox.

Her journey to coaching, however, wasn't a direct path; after working as an Accountant in the Land Down Under, she returned to the UK to channel her diverse experiences into helping both females and males achieve their fitness goals.

Zoe's passion for fitness extends beyond her professional life. She's a testament to the transformative power of training, and she brings her dedication to every session. Plus, she's got a solid Mikko 🫡

Welcome to the world of fitness with Zoe, where her expertise and passion will empower you to reach new heights in your training journey.