Sara Marchon

Head of Operations

With a career trajectory that showcases adaptability and a wealth of transferable skills, Sara embarked on a professional journey that led her to the fitness industry. Following seven years of dedicated work in childcare and nanny roles post-university, Sara decided to pivot her career path.

Her initial step into the corporate world commenced as a Marketing & Events Administrator, setting the stage for her future endeavors. From there, Sara transitioned into an office administration role in London, where her dedication and capability quickly propelled her to the positions of Office Manager and Personal Assistant.

The pivotal moment in her journey arrived when she received a call from Ollie, while on a train home from her London job. Ollie informed Sara of MARCHON's expansion into a larger space and the need for someone to oversee operations. Leveraging her extensive background and innate organizational efficiency, Sara stepped into this crucial role in 2019, becoming an integral part of the MARCHON team.

Since then, Sara has played an essential role in the MARCHON story, contributing to its growth and success in the fitness industry.