Katty Weymouth

Coach - MARCHON™ Soho WCH

Katty is a former International tennis player and top USA collegiate player and coach. She q ualified level 3 PT with experience in nutrition, Strength & Conditioning and Olympic lifting.

Being a high performance athlete has heavily influenced her no-nonsense, diligent approach to fitness. As a coach, her approach also values the importance of scientific based programming that is not only results oriented but also rewarding and fun.

One of her greatest strengths is mindset. A skill Katty has honed and developed from over 15 years of exposure to multiple elite programs, and most of all, experience.

Katty's ability to cultivate high performers and inspire individuals to reach their goals, whatever that may be. Along with her strong academic background, Katty has a wealth of knowledge in anatomy and physiology from her experience working closely alongside some of the top orthopedic surgeons.

This solidifies a foundation in understanding functional movement and help clients to fix movement dysfunctions. Ultimately, her goal is to promote strong movement, change the way people view fitness and themselves, by providing them with a bullet-proof body and mind.