John Wright

Brand Director

John is a seasoned professional in the fitness industry with an impressive 17-year journey that has seen him evolve from a personal trainer to becoming the MARCHON™ Brand Director.

His passion for health and fitness started from the age of 14 and at 19 he became a full time coach and personal trainer. He founded his own fitness facility in 2009, which successfully operated for 14 years.

John's unique perspective on fitness extends beyond the physical aspects of training. He strongly believes in the power of design and branding to create an immersive and motivating fitness environment. His skills in graphic design, website design, branding, and all things creative have been cultivated over the years, making him a sought-after expert in the field.

Throughout his career, John has lent his creative talents to numerous companies, startups, and other gyms, helping them enhance their brand and visual representation. His ability to merge the worlds of fitness and design has resulted in creating empowering experiences for both clients and fitness enthusiasts.

As the MARCHON™ Brand Director, John brings a wealth of experience and an unwavering commitment to building a fitness brand that not only encourages physical transformation but also inspires individuals through innovative design at all visual and brand touch points.

His vision for MARCHON™ is to redefine the experience for our global community. He wants to set the standard and leave an enduring impact on anyone who dares to live a life without limits.