Charlie Marchon

Head of MARCHON™ Online

In 2015, Charlie entered the fitness industry, specializing in online training and programming. He laid the groundwork for what would eventually become Marchon 1.0.

Guided by Ollie and Alex, Charlie embarked on a transformative journey that encompassed diverse coaching roles. These roles included one-to-one personal training, small group PT sessions, and orchestration of large group classes.

With a strong passion for fitness, Charlie has honed his expertise in key areas such as strength and conditioning, as well as hybrid training. This is a fusion of traditional and contemporary methodologies that yields remarkable results.

While Charlie continues to actively coach on the gym floor, recent times have witnessed a strategic shift towards the MARCHON™ online fitness community. Not only has the Marchon product offering been expanded, but Charlie has also expanded into the area of customized programming, catering to individuals with specific fitness goals.

Throughout this journey, Charlie remains dedicated to elevating the fitness landscape. He offers top-tier coaching, innovative fitness solutions, and a commitment to empowering individuals to realize their full potential.