What to Look for in a Pair of Running Shoes

When it comes to a running shoe you don’t need to go for the high end most flashy shoe with light up soles and wheels on the heels, even if that does look cool. A running shoe should be a personal fit and preference, offering function, support & comfort.

  1. Find a shoe specifically designed for running:

When you run, you hit the ground with force two times greater than your own body weight. Running shoes are built with higher quality, lightweight materials that help lessen that impact. Invest in a sturdy pair of running trainers every 300 miles minimum (10K every week) to 500 maximum (16.5K every week) miles depending on the weekly mileage bracket you fall into. Don’t get caught out wearing old battered trainers from the lost property cupboard that provide your feet with zero support, these will come back to kick you in the butt with potential injuries down the line.

  1. Choose the type of terrain you will run on, track, trails, treadmill or on the road:

Choosing a suitable shoe to the type of terrain will help you achieve your goals and make running a more comfortable and enjoyable experience. Key points to look for on a track run would be a lightweight flat shoe. Trails you will need a shoe that offers grip and solid support for uneven ground. Treadmill and road you will need a shoe that can cushion your joints to protect you against the impact of harder surfaces.

  1. Understand your pronation:

A neutral pronation is where you will feel an even distribution of weight across the foot upon impact, Over Pronation feeling the foot roll inwards and Under Pronation feeling the foot roll outwards. Once you know your pronation you can then select styles and features best suited to you, which could mean inbuilt cushioning, foam or carbon fibre plates that in turn will help you to get the best out of your runs.


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