Recreate the gym, at home.

One of the biggest barriers for training this year has the been the change in Environment.

Nothing does quite beat the atmosphere of the gym, the music, the shared enthusiasm for a bit of grunt work emanating from all around…

However, that isn’t to say we cannot recreate a ‘sacred’ space that will serve as your own personal gym, right at home!

Here are our Top Tips on how to create the best training Environment

1. Choosing the right space in your house

Imagine you are going to the gym, what isn’t in your way?

There aren’t piles of laundry you know need to get done, in the corner of your eye. There aren’t stacks of the work piled up next to you to sweat all over and there are NO KIDS!

These are distractions. They have a MASSIVE effect on your mindset/attitude towards gearing yourself up for some hard work, mainly because they clutter your thoughts with the hard work you have to do outside the gym too…

Eliminate these distractions as best as possible.

Clear an area of any distractions, Face away/ a wall should your house be open plan or better yet, find a room with a door that can be closed and put a do not disturb sign/prop it shut with a chair!! All will be fine, just as if you left the house for an hour, so squash that need to know everything that’s going on in your home because if you left the house you wouldn’t think twice.

2. Bare Essentials!

Now that we have a space, it needs to feel like your training environment so here are a few things to consider:

  • The Lighting

Do you train in a brightly lit gym, or a low-lit lifting bunker with a thing mist of powdered chalk floating through the air?

Get this right, this external factors can really help set the tone for your session ahead. Use lamps, Open Curtains, even get some cheap coloured LED strips/bulbs. It will make all the difference.

  • Music

Get yourself some quality headphones or a speaker and smash a few tunes on! I’ve created some great training Playlists for you lot. Follow the Spotify handle: aymon1993 and look out for the BE BOLD range, Suited to many tastes (#5 is THE BEST!)

  • Finishing touches

Quality Gym mats - This will really tie the environment together and make your space ready for some kick-a*s training.

We recommend something sturdy to protect those lovely hard wood/ tiled floors from you and you from them! They want to be thick, but not too spongey and big enough that you can lay flat on your back with your arms and legs spread. Copy this into your amazon search for our favourite option:

“ComFy Mat Foam Exercise Mats, Gym Flooring Mat, Interlocking Puzzle EVA Floor Tiles, Non slip Rubber Cushion For Home Workout, Yoga matting, Bonus Adhesives,24"X24"(60cmX60cm)"

3. Weights & Equipment

Whilst it isn’t “ESSENTIAL” that you buy weights because you can get a more than decent workout using just your bodyweight… this will only serve you for so long, especially if you are used to training loaded movement patterns.

As a bare minimum, we recommend a Hex Dumbbell, a Cast Iron Kettlebell (traditional shape), a Resistance band and a Skipping Rope.

The Hex Dumbbell - Perfect for its multifunctional properties, being that it has six flat edges which provide for a plethora of different grips/racking options. It can be used like a para-lette, providing a raised grip from the ground. These flat surfaces also mean the dumbbell won’t roll away from you when you put it down.

The Cast Iron Kettlebell - This is a very sturdy, multifunctional bit of kit and can be used for SO MANY different exercises. The physical qualities of the traditional shape provide for many similar functions to the Dumbbell and more, but also comfort, when moving around and potential impact points, the smooth round edges won’t nearly do as much damage as some of the dodgier variations out there!

The Resistance Band - Perfect on its own for certain exercise resistance or even assistance, can be used for stretching and can be used to increase the load on patterns affixed to your Dumbbell/Kettlebell.

And Finally, The Skipping Rope - The most affordable piece of home conditioning equipment money can buy. You can get a REAL workout using just this!

4. Programming

Here at MARCHON we have a Couple of options for you to check out

So long as you have got our weight and equipment recommendations, You could jump on our Minimal Kit Online Group Training Programme.

We came up with this training approach in the first lockdown to provide as many as possible with a suitable training option to maintain and even progress their athletic performance, so that when you return to the gym, you can pick up from where you left off/ perform better than before! With over a year of sessions written, our expert coaches have every possible base covered using just a KB, a DB, a Resistance band and a skipping rope.

If you’re not a fan of being part of an online group, then never fear! On Demand, is here! Using the same kit, we have put together a month of virtual personal training lead by myself and coach Max. We take you through the session from start to finish, pushing you as we go, training alongside you, to your time frames, as and when you please, all you have to do is click play and be ready to train. It’s great fun! Trust me, I’ve done all the sessions!

If you’re one of the lucky ones and have managed to get your hands on all the gear and have no idea, well, good thing you’re here!

Check out our other Online Performance options or even our 1 to 1 personal training. We train everyone, everything so that we can be ready for anything!

Hopefully, I have now armed you with everything you need to get stuck in to a bit of quality training at “home” (your new gym). Try these out and let us know how you get on! Tag us on Instagram with your new set up, or just drop us an email, I’d LOVE to hear from you.


All the love,

Coach Aymon AKA The Frog x


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