Too many times has it been said “when I get ____ I’ll be happy”. Too many times goals have been set with a finish line in mind and an idea that this will motivate us to reach it. This is a recipe for FAILURE.

But why? Why not use an end goal as motivation?

It’s human nature to recognise the disparity between where we are and where we want to be. It’s easier to fantasise about the process of achieving said goal without actually putting in the work. It can also demotivate by virtue of realising the work ahead. Even for those go-getter types, you’re sure to end up short-changed as your “end goal” will be a forever moving target. As we progress, so does that final image of oneself.

The word “goal” itself doesn’t inspire recognition of its wider interpretation that is so frequently intended yet misunderstood within this industry. We want to abolish the traditional perceptions of “end products” and/or “finish lines” and replace them with a more perpetual offering. Goal’s should be used to direct a course, but our focus must remain present and on enjoying the daily tasks at hand. This way we can’t be disappointed by not reaching an end goal, as our focus is here and now, only using a goal as inspiration for direction.

Don’t focus on an “end goal”. After all, the work is never done!

The problem is often we set ourselves goals that create an internal comparison, immediately undermining our self-perception, which in turn produces the exact opposite outcome to our goal as it is easier to behave as what we believe we already are.

For example, saying “I go to the gym to get fit” encourages negative reinforcement, saying that we are not already a “fit” person. This comparison in turn makes it much easier for us to behave in the way that we believe we already are…. inactive, unfit, SLUGS!

We need to change our mindset by taking on another perspective and inspire motivation by positive reinforcement… and no I don’t mean stand in the mirror and tell yourself how much you love yourself, I mean by realising the task at hand (increasing fitness), taking wins where we achieve along the way (being active) and learning to love the process of improving (self-recognition).

SO, instead of saying “I go to the gym to get fit,” your first step is to inspire a new perspective by saying, “I am an active person.”

Reinforce belief in yourself as you are…

1. Staying the course and getting closer to your goal.

2. Present with the task at hand, inspiring activity, which will inevitably lead to getting fitter.

3. Stating that this is the new you. Recognising the disparity in reverse, see who you are from who you once were.



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